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Rank Bonus Rules

Multi-Tier Fast Start Bonus


A very popular and commonly used bonus is the Multi-Tier Fast Start Bonus. This bonus is an extension of the standard Fast Start Bonus. A typical Fast Start Bonus is limited to two levels, a Multi-Tier Fast Start Bonus, however, can be unlimited. No matter how many tiers (unlimited) you wish to enable. It’s also configurable by rank, for example; your Multi-Tier Fast Bonus may pay on 2 tiers at Silver, 3 tiers at Gold, etc.

This bonus builds purely on the enrolling sponsorship lineage. Regardless of whether you are operating a Binary, Unilevel, or Matrix compensation plan. The Multi-Tier Fast Start Bonus is meant to reward enrolling sponsorship efforts. So, in a binary where you have spillover, you have people that you didn’t necessarily enroll placed on your first level of downline. You will not receive a Multi-Tier or Fast Start Bonus from members that you didn’t personally sponsor, even if they have been placed on your first level of downline.

We also have some new functionality that extends the abilities of this bonus. In our the international systems you can offer different SKU’s by country and pay out different fast start bonuses for those SKU’s. This is useful because you could technically have the same SKU in both countries. However because markets and economies are different between countries, sometimes you may not want to pay out the same bonus amounts as in areas that have higher ticket prices. This allows you to define completely separate bonuses by country for the same SKU.