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Rank Bonus Rules

First Order Bonus


The First Order Bonus allows a company to pay a bonus on a specified percentage of the Commissionable Value (CV) amount of a distributor’s first order. To explain, let’s assume that the product sold sells for $100 and $50 goes into the compensation plan. $50 would be the CV of that order. If that company offers a First Order bonus of 10%, that bonus would be $5 (10% of $50). A First Order bonus is not configurable by rank, meaning that this bonus would be applied equally to everyone regardless of their rank. In the event that you use a two-tier first order bonus, it would be based on a minimum and above since it cannot be based on rank. There is some customization available, for example, you may specify that your First Order Bonus applies to the first order with CV, because in most cases an enrollment or registration fee is not commissionable and does not carry any CV. First Order Bonuses are available in Binary, Unilevel, and Matrix based compensation plans.