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Rank Bonus Rules

Fast Start 2-Up Bonus


The Fast Start 2-Up Bonus is typically paired with a Fast Start Bonus and is essentially a duplicate bonus structure with more flexibility. Because a Fast Start bonus is configured by SKU it is limited to a specific product line or SKU. An additional Fast Start Bonus gives us the flexibility to allow different product lines or SKUs to have different Fast Start Bonuses associated with them.

In a client use-case, they had a line of customer SKUs that they wanted to pay out and trigger a particular way, but additionally, they had a set of what we call reseller SKUs that they wanted to be commissioned differently. In this case, we would configure all of the customer SKUs under the regular Fast Start Bonus and the reseller SKUs under the Fast Start 2-Up preventing any interference from the separate bonus structures.

In many cases, client’s Custom Fast Start Bonuses are programmed through a combination of Fast Start and Fast Start 2-Up Bonuses.