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Rank Bonus Rules

Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB)


The Customer Acquisition or CAB bonus is a bonus that pays a distributor benefits on their retail customers activity. Distributors do not receive commissions on their own orders with this bonus.

This bonus can be configured to pay either a percentage or a currency amount. This fixed currency amount is paid every time a customer places an order.

Some companies have Customer Acquiring Bonuses. I.E. rewards for actually enrolling a customer. The CAB can be configured to support this requirement; Set the bonus to an amount, then for every customer with at least one order, a fixed bonus amount or percentage of order value is paid to the distributor.

This bonus can be paid on the commissionable value or the retail value of an order. Preferred Customer discounts are also taken in to account where they apply to an order and the distributor will receive benefits based on the appropriately adjusted amount paid for the order.