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Rank Bonus Rules

Generational Bonus


Most bonuses are defined based on levels and organized by the people a distributor has personally sponsored. The Generational Bonus, however, is defined by generations in that distributor’s downline. Generational bonuses are built on rank and are most typically given to higher ranks. For example; ‘Once you reach Blue Diamond, you’re now qualified to receive a 2% generational bonus on your downline’. You would receive a 2% bonus calculated on your entire downline until it encounters another person at that blue diamond rank. The downline extending past that distributor would be paid to them as their generational bonus.

Generational bonuses can use multiple generations as well. For example, we could specify that a Generational Bonus extends two generations and both Blue Diamond and a Black Diamond ranks receive a Generational Bonus. In this case, let’s assume you’re a Black Diamond, your generational bonus is going to extend through your downline until it hits not the first, but the second Blue or Black diamond ranked distributor in your downline because both blue and black diamond ranks receive a generational bonus. The first Blue or Black Diamond ranked distributor would mark the end of the first generation and the second meeting that rank would be the end of the second generation.

The Generational Bonus is configurable for multiple generations, minimum ranks, and percentages paid. Additionally, what constitutes the end of a generation is configurable because in many cases, different companies will have differences in opinions on what a generation consists of.